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firing lg w cantilever

updated sat 31 may 97


Leslie Ihde on mon 19 may 97

I am making a fountain the basin of which with is 20" across
and has a base of only 5". The thickness of the clay is about 3/4" except
for the rim where it tapers to 1/4" Acknowledging my refusal to honer
physics, I have attempted this bowl about 6 times- many with subtle
warping, some without warping. I now have the best one yet and I'd like
warping. I think I should make a circular ring of clay to help support
piece and fire it right side up. For a bisque firing I plan to stay on
low in my skutt over night, medium about 5 hours before high. Any advice
waould be gratefully appreciated. I'm using miller 20G which is terra
Vestal Ny

Leslie Ihde on tue 20 may 97

I re-read my message- I was hurrying and the note was a bit inarticulate.
I should add that the pot is only 8" high- so 20" across, 5" base- you see
what I mean. I threw it upside down on a plaster mold I made. I fired
one of these upside down on a clay ring- but it cracked- the only one that
did. Perhaps I was stupid because the clay ring had been previously fired
and therefore didn't shrink with the piece. In anycase, none of the pots
fired right side up cracked, but all warped slightly in the outer 4"
portion of rim. Advice on firing perfectly appreciated.