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fireworks '96 questions

updated fri 31 may 96 on sun 5 may 96

Hi Clayarters...The Edmonton International Ceramic Seminar FIREWORKS '96
starts on Thurs 9th and we would like all of you that cannot attend in
person to join us via Clayart.
If you have questions that you would like to be answered by any of our
presenters please forward them to me before WED. May 7th and I will take
them to the presenters to be answered. You will receive your answers by the
end of the following week. We have put up a good description of all the
artists that will be lecturing and demoing at the seminar so please direct
each question that you have to a particular guest. You may ask as many
questions you like on the topics that will be presented BUT PLEASE post a
new message for each question if the presenter you are asking the question
of is different each time. Questions going to the same presenter can be in
one post. ALSO...use common sense in asking questions as time will be
limited for the presenters to answer toooooo many.
This is our way to allow all of you to attend and have fun with the potters
I will be your 'question receiver' and take questions,comments, etc. to
the presenters during their presentations and will forward the answers to
you after the seminar.
SOOOOOO post questions to

Peggy Heer at e-mail address

I hope you will get involved with this cyberspace way of being at the
seminar and enjoy the up-dates/ reviews that will be forwarded to clayart
when the weekend is done. Remember the deadline for questions etc is WED
MAY 7.
As Always in Clay and really going to enjoy the FireWorks '96.

Peggy Heer/Heer Pottery 2 of them

9702-76 Ave, Edmonton, AB Canada