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fireworks '96 - update 3 (fwd)

updated tue 30 apr 96 on sun 28 apr 96

Here is more info on the Edmonton International Seminar 'FIREWORKS '96.
Come or be envious....READ ON......
As Always in Clay and looking forward to meeting lots of new people at
the seminar. Peggy

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Date: 27 Apr 1996 15:30:15 MDT
Subject: FireWorks '96 - Update 3

FireWorks '96, an International Ceramics Serminar will be held May 9 to 12
in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This week we will be profiling three ceramic
artists with diverse techniques; Raku, sculptural and colourful Majolica.

Nina Hole started her education in Denmark by studying painting and
graphic arts. In the 1970s she went to the USA and became involved
with ceramics which has remained her primary focus ever since. She has
specialized in the Raku technique. She is fascinated with the possibilities
that clay and glazes give and the Raku technique provides the elements with
which she is most at home. The fast firing, gives experimental
possibilities, a quick result using low fire colours and lusters.
Nina Hole's work is constantly changing, curiosity and the realization of
a thought are her motivations.

Les Manning was head of the Banff Centre's Ceramics program from 1974
to 1994. With a distinguished exhibition history both in Canada and abroad,
Manning was instrumental in the development of the internationally acclaimed
ceramics program at the Banff Centre. He plays a leading role in many
aspects of ceramics world-wide and, this year was elected Vice-President to
the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Ceramics in Geneva.
He recently produced a show of a body of work as Senior Artist-in-Residence
at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

The works of Les Manning have evolved out of his fascination with the
topographical landscape and climate of Canada. Like the ode form within
poetry, his new ceramics fit uneasily within the conventions of their craft.
Although they echo the traditional shapes of plate, bowl and vessel, they are
primarily a response to the Canadian winter and its effects. His works are
sculptural, as well as functional; Les Manning takes more courage from the
thrown form, but develops from that a more personal, sculptural statement.

Rebecca Rupp has a MFA in Ceramics from the Rochester Institute of Technology,
New York and a BFA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

As well as having led many workshops, Rebecca has taught at Concordia
University, Montreal, QC, for 5 years, and given summer courses at Emily Carr
College of Art, Vancouver, BC; Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax,
NS; and George Brown College, Toronto, ON.

Her distinctive, colourful and fluidly-thrown functional work has been
exhibited widely in Canada, the USA and Japan.

Some artists of the FireWorks '96 faculty will participate in panel
discussions, including;

Technology in the Ceramic Arts - Panel members: Les Manning (Moderator)
Nina Hole
Don Reitz
Ron Roy

Passion 8 Potters - "A Celebration of Contemporary Pots for Use"

John Chalke Bob Reimer
Jim Etzkorn Barbara Tipton
Paul Rozman Rob Giesbrecht
Katheryn Finnerty Glenys Marshall-Inman

There are many talented ceramic artists in Alberta, some, who along with
their one-of-a-kind art pieces make extremely strong utilitarian work.
We have observed how 'made for use' functional ceramics are becoming
further and further alienated and removed from the ceramic art core.
'Made for use' functional ceramics are as exciting and stimulating
visually as non functional forms and still serve the community with a
function other than purely visual.

Each of the eight participants invited to take part in this exhibition
have been chosenbecause they show a passion and strength in their work
that is above the mainstream. The fact that these eight artists are from
one specific area is part of the presentation. This show will give the
impetus for other regional groups to present exhibitions such as this in the
future. Friendly rivalry is a great drive to push the individual into action.
There are many talented artists within Alberta who work with clay to make
'pots for use'. We want to see this area of ceramics acknowledged with pride.

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or email us at;