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fireworks '96

updated fri 31 may 96 on sat 11 may 96

Hi everyone....Fireworks has started with the picking-up of all our
presenters and showing them a bit of our city and introducing them to the
potters and showing them some of fine galleries carring clay in the city.
Some are on an extensive bus tour today to see more shows.
At 2 this afternoon Don Rietz will begin with a 3 hour demo which should
be exciting. Tonight at 7pm is our opening Keynote address by Petra von
Morstein who will talk about the philosophy of art and the practice of
philosophy in everyday life of potters and artists. It should prove to
be very interesting. This is followed by another show opening and lots of
friendships created. Clayart buttons are being handed out and hopefully
we will get a photo of all of us together.
Ron Roy is here as well and said he had ...what he thought I looked like
....all wrong. ;>}}}}}
Heading out for Don R. demo now....wish you were all here. Stay tuned.
As Always in Clay Peggy
PS...note...below... I have another new e-mail address but the old one will
till next DEC. Have netscape now and having a ball checking out all the
graphics on the pages. GREAT STUFF. Peggy

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