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fine arts newsletter debut

updated sun 31 aug 97


CDJeff on sun 24 aug 97

Coming Soon: Debut of the newsletter: "SKETCHES"
Included will be: descriptions of upcoming feature articles, new links
listed on my site, announcements of new resource categories and Activities
on this Fine Arts site .

Topics covered on my site include: individual artists Internet sites, art
education (K-12), art history, current special museum exhibits, events,
conferences and festivals, galleries, guides and directories, health
issues and hazards for artists, art libraries, magazines, journals and
newsletters, museums, organizations, resources, schools of art,
self-promotion, supplies and equipment, and women in fine arts. Soon to
be added categories include Art Therapy and Art and Disabilities (mental
and physical).

Subscription Particulars: FREE for the asking. It will be short and not
fill up your e-mail, arriving every two weeks. Your subscription will be
strictly confidential and will not be circulated to any other person or
organization for any other reason.

If you would like to receive this newsletter please ask to be subscribed
by writing your Fine Arts Guide, Chris Jeffries using the word
"newsletter" in the subject line at e-mail:
Chris Jeffries
Fine Arts Guide at the Mining Company