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updated thu 31 jul 97


WACKY on sat 28 jun 97


I am Yen, currently 4th year student at the NIE Singapore.
Right now, I am working on my final year project......i.e to
make some small scale indoor fountains out of clay.

Can anyone suggest a suitable type of clay to begin with?

I would very much appreciate if I could correspond to those who are
interested or are experienced in this field.

My email add:

hear from you frens, soon

Lynne Antone on tue 1 jul 97

Quite a while ago there were numerous messages about fountains. I can't find
any in my messages saved, but did find a way for you to search for them. I
have tried this before and it works well. If I find any of my messages, I'll
forward them to you also. I have not made any fountains yet, but hope to
later this month. I will be using a cone 6 clay, buff color, nothing special,
just my regular clay that I buy ready mixed and bagged.

Good luck. This message came from the gentleman who moderates the list.
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