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fair shelving and shelving supports... double ladder system...

updated fri 28 feb 97


Talbott on fri 21 feb 97

I use the double set of "V"'s (ladder system) described in the
original message below for my shelf supports. Each ladder is 6' long. The
rungs (actually 1x3's) are about 20" long. (The rails are also of 1x3 pine
and are secured to the rungs by 5/16" dowels...4 dowels support each rung,
2 per side) When the "V"'s are positioned at a 45 degree angle they
accomodate my 12" wide shelves. I use #3 or #4 rough sawn 1x12 pine
shelving that are a full 1" thick (last time I purchased these boards they
were around $.50/lineal ft.) My shelves are 6' long. When I go to a craft
show, usually only two per year, these hinged "V"'s fold up easy and set up
just as easily. I have 6 of these "V" units (12 ladders total) for my
shelf supports. With 5 shelves per unit that gives me 30 square feet of
shelving space per unit or 90 square feet of display space for the three
units! I also have a break-down table which I built for writing out sells
receipts, my food and drinks, etc. All of this fits nicely into the back
of my pick-up truck. I can easily fit this display shelf system into a
standard 10'x10' area and still allow plenty of space for browsing... I
get many compliments on my display system from other crafts people at the
....(two V's for shelf support) /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /....Marshall

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>A design that works well for me is to make two wide, ladder-like supports,
>then hinge them together side to side. When you open them to the shape of a
>"V", you can slide boards in and rest them on the "rungs". This wasn't my
>idea--I saw other merchants using a similar design. I like my shelves, but
>I didn't make the "ladders" wide enough. Wider ladders would have made them
>sturdier. Making a double set of "V"s for each shelf unit would be even
>I encourage you to attend a few fairs before you decide on a shelf design.
>This will save you time, money, and frustration. No point re-inventing the
>wheel, right? Also, get recommendations from fellow potters if possible as
>to which fairs to attend. If you're set up with a bunch of people making
>crocheted snowflakes and friendly plastic jewelry, you may be at the wrong

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