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fair shelving

updated fri 28 feb 97


Cindy or Tiffanie on wed 19 feb 97


A design that works well for me is to make two wide, ladder-like supports,
then hinge them together side to side. When you open them to the shape of a
"V", you can slide boards in and rest them on the "rungs". This wasn't my
idea--I saw other merchants using a similar design. I like my shelves, but
I didn't make the "ladders" wide enough. Wider ladders would have made them
sturdier. Making a double set of "V"s for each shelf unit would be even

I encourage you to attend a few fairs before you decide on a shelf design.
This will save you time, money, and frustration. No point re-inventing the
wheel, right? Also, get recommendations from fellow potters if possible as
to which fairs to attend. If you're set up with a bunch of people making
crocheted snowflakes and friendly plastic jewelry, you may be at the wrong


enscoe's ceramics on sat 22 feb 97

I found plastic shelving at Quality Farm and Fleet, a farm supply stroe,
but you could also find these at Walmart or possibly Lowwes. The shelves
are made of very sturdy plastic and the supports are pvc pipe. Bellieve
they are rated at 200 lb. capacity. Easy to assemble and disassemble,
don't take too much space to transport. On sale they are $20 for 4 shelf

Nancy Enscoe
Enscoe's ceramics
"Let's Play With Clay!"