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updated fri 28 feb 97


Tiggerbus on fri 21 feb 97

I am a potter as well as a Sam's Club Supervisor and I have yet to see one
of the
EZ Up tents being brought back as a return! They are great and we have
had no complaints on them and they are a good seller. Of course you have
to follow the directions for usage as for all equipment, most of the
returns we get in the stores are damages that were incurred from consumers
not reading the directions!

Yes I think they are duable and are used for every single booth in our
local arts and crafts festival along side a river which is very windy and
damp during the month of October! THe month or two before the festivals
we sell completely out!
Good luck in your search for the perfect tent! Just consider your where
abouts before buying a product! I would be a bit cautious too!