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exposure but no credit -

updated fri 24 oct 97


VICTOR JOHNSTON on fri 10 oct 97

>>> Paul Lewing 10/09/97 07:16am
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We've all at one time or another been asked to contribute to
auction or display our work someplace where we know it will
sell, but we're told we should do it because "it's good exposure".
Like your ball park sculpture.

To which I usually reply, "You can die of exposure". Or maybe, "I
expose myself easier than that".

Paul Lewing, Seattle

Don't get me wrong, over the years I have donated thousands of
dollars of my work to causes.

I have a sculpture in a local school, shown with pride by
everyone there. Didn't charge a penny for it. Got the brick and
firing donated. The school paid $80.00 for materials to have it
installed. It's worth about $6,000. I invested 60 hours in that one
project. Great kids. Great faculty. They show it to everyone that
walks through the door. To them, it's priceless. I'd do it again in
a heartbeat.

What irks me is broken promises of exposure.

VICTOR JOHNSTON on tue 14 oct 97

I agree. I have learned from this and other experiences.

>>> Olivia T Cavy 10/11/97 05:59am
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Victor and others,

That's why written contracts became popular and should be
used. People
remember "agreements" and "understandings" differently, and
they even hear the same words differently. Written contracts state
expectations of both parties (hopefully) in clear terms, and
provide the
basis for enforcing compliance. They're not always iron clad or

Bonnie Hellman in Pittsburgh, PA

Wendy Rosen on tue 21 oct 97

>Victor and others,
I've discovered that the most important part of any contract is what the
OTHER side gets in benefit. One-sided agreements never work out...
win/win... if it's as good for me as it is for you... everything will work
out just fine!
Wendy :)

Wendy Rosen
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