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updated sun 31 mar 96 on mon 25 mar 96

It's unfortunate that really comprehensive information cannot go onto the
prospectus that explains any particular exhibit. Whoever makes up the
prospectus decides what seems most necessary for those who want to enter.
One must be selective to a degree; space is limited. Most do not describe
the exhibition space, it's true. In the case of Ceramics USA, for those who
want to know:

The exhibit will take place in the main gallery of the University of North
Texas School of Visual Arts. The space is approximately 3,500 square feet.
One can only approximate the number of persons who may see the exhibit. The
school has about 25,000 students, a goodly number of them will see the show.
In addition, the general public is invited (there is an enormous mailing
list). The opening for Ceramics USA l995 was so crowded that people had to
stand in line to get in, and the scheduled closing delayed for a couple of
hours. That was heartening, because the general public was very
enthusiastic. I suspect that ceramics exhibits in general get good public
response when they are in an accessible and visible space.
A broad-spectrum show will always have something to love and something to
hate; it was great fun to eavesdrop on discussions, sometimes heated, about
whether this teapot was more interesting than that sculpture, or how the
juror came to choose this or that particular piece that the viewer
personally found uninteresting, dull, vile, obscene, ugly, etc. cannot predict public response. Maybe they'll turn out for an
exhibit, maybe not. Life is full of risk, and how dull if not.