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exhibition jurors

updated sun 31 mar 96


Vince Pitelka on sat 30 mar 96

Ron Roy makes an excellent point about exhibition jurors. If show presenters
would include a clear jurors statement in the prospectus we could more
accurately select the shows suited to our work. My inlaid colored clay vessels
and sculpture are different from anything anyone else is making. Check out CM
October 1990 and you'll see what I mean. I am excited with the direction my
work is going, but I am frustrated with FREQUENT rejections from exhibitions
which accept a great deal of vacuously fashionable work. Please don't
interpret this as sour-grapes. I love what I do and I accept the consequences
of making something that doesn't "fit" into most juror's concept of a unified
show. But I would like to know in advance what that concept is. I have been
told that jurors often don't know what the concept will be until seeing the
work. I'm sorry, but that's not acceptable. Either the show presenters or the
juror should have some advance idea of what the concept is going to be, so that
all of us who are trying to create something truly new and different can more
accurately select appropriate venues for our work. There are too many ceramic
artists out there who deliberately follow fashion and have no trouble getting
into the fashionable shows, and the current structure of exhibition jurying
perpetuates this trend. This is a very destructive phenomenon in our field

And Julia Moore, I appreciate your expertise and the fine exhibitions you put
on, but please don't assume that your jurors are so well known that you don't
need to include a juror's statement in a show prospectus.
- Vince
Vince Pitelka -
Appalachian Center for Crafts - Tennessee Technological University
Smithville, TN