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electric kiln safety in a condo

updated wed 30 apr 97


Cheryl L Litman on wed 23 apr 97

When I first put an electric kiln in my house, I was quite nervous about
fire hazards, however after several firings I have calmed down about the
fire potential. You can hold your hand 1" off the kiln at ^7 and not get
burned, just don't touch it!

I spoke with someone who has his in a retail store in north Jersey and he
put in a smoke/temperature detector wired to an automatic shutoff with
sprinklers just to satisfy the fire marshal. That however is retail.
Perhaps your landlord would be happy if you promise to babysit the kiln
the whole time it's firing and don't leave it unattended. Maybe offer to
get a fire extinguisher.

NOW, my only concern with a kiln in the house is with the exhaust vapors.
I'm not sure you want to bring that up with the landlord. Make sure you
vent and that your vent doesn't come back in someone else's window. Even
with the Envirovent venting to outside, I "taste" something in the air
while I bisque(^06). My husband doesn't notice it but it bothers me and
I need to find a way to vent better.