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easy, cheap , and sturdy shelves for shows...

updated sat 31 may 97


Tiggerbus on thu 8 may 97

For those who are new to the craft fairs and shows this is something you
should look into!!

I have found the best stuff at HOME DEPOT to make flat, portable, sturdy
Instead of spending, 25.00 on a 6ft. ladder, created using a shelf
material made out of 2"x"2x6' wood that looks like a ladder and only costs
$7.00 per unit. Each unit has a spacing for five shelves. This unit is
set up for a do it yourself shelving that you would use for ordinary
items. But when you buy two units and hinge them at the top they form an
"A" frame. It looks like a ladder but more compact and a whole lot
cheaper. I constructed two "A" frames and then ran wooden and pressed
wood boards through the slats and created five shelves that are almost 8
feet across. This allows for varying heights for different products you
may have. I have decided to leave the wood natural, by sanding and
staining with a light colored weather resistant stain. All pieces cost me
$51.18, that included the hinges and some screws!! You might want to
also, use some eye-hooks and wire to keep your "A" frame from opening too
wide! Would you believe that a friend had someone create the same thing
for them at $150.00!!! They got ripped off!!! And it only took me 15
minutes to put in the hinges and wire!!!!

All pieces fit right into my CAR (Nissan Maxima) with out any problem.
Most pieces hang out the back of the trunk, but no problem tying the trunk
down. So now I do not have to borrow a truck from a friend. This saves
me a whole lotta time!!!

If you need a better description of this contraption. Just give me an


Amy Gossett
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Sandra Dwiggins on fri 9 may 97

Are these units sold as complete sets at Home Depot? Or are these
things you put together yourself from their lumber? I've noticed all sorts
of shelving units at Home Depot, so I'm a bit confused about which ones
your describing. Could you please elaborate?