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demay ^6 glazes(long)

updated sat 31 may 97


Dinah Collopy on fri 30 may 97

Awhile back someone asked if anyone had tested the Demay glazes. Since I'm on
AOL and have been without Clayart mail for a couple of weeks I don't know if
anyone ever responded to that. In the event that they didn't, here are my
Susan Demay was a panelist on the ^6 dicussion group at NCECA. She does
functional work and uses a broad palette of colors. I know that someone
posted her glazes right after NCECA so they should be in the archives.
I used EPK for the kaolin, used distilled water and got them to a specific
gravity of about 1.5 --1.6. That's pretty much like whole milk. I screened
them with an 80 mesh screen and applied them by either dipping or pouring. I
did try to brush on a couple but Klineville gold would not brush on smoothly
at all.
--Peachy Keen is a light peach glaze, more satin matt than glossy, not
runny,has no texture alone.
--Keen Green is a medium dark (is that like mediun rare ?) green glossy glaze
that has some texture. I tested it over sandy and its an aqua green. I need
to test this further since the only test I made of it alone was on a tile so
I don't know how much it runs.
--My Green. This glaze must need to be applied thicker than the others
because instead of being green it was gold, glossy and had some texture. At
one spot where it was extra thick its was green. It didn't run. Actually the
gold was a nice color.
--Bay Blue is a light/mediun blue gloss glaze with a good bit of texture. It
doesn't run except where pretty thick. When I first saw the cobalt oxide and
cobalt carb as colorants in this glaze I wondered about that but I'm sure now
that that's what gives it its neat texture.
--Deep blue is a navy blue gloss glaze. It did run a bit over another glaze
on a verticle surface. On a tile I overlapped it with peach and got a nice
effect. Alone there's no texture.
--Lt. yellow is light. to med. yellow. Glossy, no texture
--Sand is like the yellow except that the color is a light sand. The lt.
yellow and sand look like very stable glazes that would stay right where you
put them.
--Klinesville gold is possibly the most interesting glaze in that it has
texture but it does run and where its thick has almost a metalic look. You
definitely don't want it close to the bottom of a piece. Its not as glossy as
most of the others.
I thought all of these glazes were really great.
If anyone has any questions, let me know.
Dinah in Tempe where its already 105!