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delores fortuna

updated fri 31 may 96


laurel ricucci on thu 2 may 96

Does anyone out there (in Chicago?) know a potter named Delores Fortuna?
This might be her maiden name. She was a friend of my sister, Linda, back
in the '70's. She had a studio in Bethesda, MD, where she made beautiful
pots and sold them mostly in plant stores. Then she moved to Chicago and
she and Linda lost touch.

Linda and I think of her often these days, since I've been into clay (I've
been a potter for only 4 years now). I'm 31 years old and she is 43. I
guess Delores would be about the same age as Linda. She might not remember
me, as I was just a small kid when she knew me, but I think she would
remember Linda. Linda's maiden name is Ricucci, but at the time her name
was Linda Moore. We were just talking about Delores last night -- about
how she had a house in Bethesda and a garage with a kiln in it, about how
everything was covered with clay dust, about the wonderful teapot and
caserole she gave Linda that she still uses all the time, about how she
loved to get ashes from our fireplace for glazes (claiming we had "nice
clean" ashes), and so forth.

I was just curious about whether she's still making pots and whether she
has a web-site so I could see them. She wouldn't believe it, but her
little place in Bethesda seemed magical to me as a kid and I can still
remember it.

It's a long shot, I know. Just wondering......

Laurel Ricucci
Baltimore, MD