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david stuchbery

updated sun 31 mar 96


Ron Roy on wed 13 mar 96

Hi David,

Still trying but no luck.

Perhaps I should just answer here. I use many lists of factors when I can't
find the one I want. For instance I got my number for lithium by noting it
was just a little higher than zinc on the list in Hamer's book. Lithium has
many factors and so does Boron depending on the circumstances- maybe that
is why lithium is left out.

I have a dilatometer now and and am trying to put together enough cash to
buy other needed equipement. I will do the experiments necessary to get
more accurate sets of numbers but it will take time.

In the meantime I have had good results using the lists you have mentioned.
David Hewitt, co-author of the article in ceramic review you mentioned, has
told me they had good results using all of them. For your information I am
using #7 - English & Turners. Just keep in mind - this way of estimating
expansion should be used to tell if you are going in the right direction
only. Any attempt to correlate glaze and body expansion will have to be
tested and even then the results will not be applicable to other bodies -
even with the same glaze. On the other hand it sure beats being blind.

I would like to share information with anyone who is interested in doing
the experiments necessary to refine the basic numbers.

Did you get the the IMC home page and download the Magic of Fire book -
Tony explains how to calculate expansion there.

Let me know if you get this one,


KEMPB on fri 15 mar 96

Hi David,
Would appreciate it if you could send you e-mail address so I
can send you some of the information you requested for your research
Brian Kemp. Singapore