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credit cost-point missed

updated tue 30 apr 96


Bill Aycock on mon 22 apr 96

First- at my age, I'm not in need of college credit, although I certainly
could use some workshop help. Therefore, accept that I have no ax to grind.

Most of the faculty types who have been defending college costs have missed
the point raised by a few who posed questions. The questioning, as I saw
it, was about the cost of the "credit hours" offered at some of the
workshops, compared to the cost of the Fun part, where the teaching and
exposure is the real major output.

I saw more than one workshop at, or sponsored by, an acredited campus, where
the cost added on for being recorded as having attended (ie, "credit") FAR
exceeded the cost to "merely" attend and participate.

It seems to me that the hard work of the organizers and leaders, and the
amortization of the materials and equipment ( supposedly covered by the
basic cost ?) should be worth more (or proportionately more) than the cost
of record keeping to certify that a person was there and participated. The
difference in costs and overhead cant be increased that much by additional
paperwork, can it?

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