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creative industries stool

updated tue 30 sep 97


Corinne P. Null on mon 15 sep 97

Awhile back I mentioned that I'd gotten this stool and that I would report
back after I'd used it a bit.

I like it alot. It's like a nice soft and cushioned office chair, except
the seat is not wide - it's more triangular shaped, or based on a
motorcycle seat design - allowing the legs to be more free and less
restricted. No longer is the circulation cut off to my legs. It's also
easier to stand up from, as you can get your legs under yourself.

Oh, yes. It's got the hydrolic lift, too, and swivels. Oh yea, also has a
back rest which is nice for when you want to lean back and admire your
work, or figure out what to do next. And the seat angle is also adjustable.

My wheel is up on one set of cinderblocks, and I do have to put the chair
on 2 2x4's to get it to the right height, but it's worth it. Just don't
like sitting so far down when I pot; like the half standing, half sitting
approach. Saving my pennies for toys other than wheel lifts!

I'm not in any way connected with the maker or vendor, just a happy customer.

Corinne Null
Bedford, NH (New e-mail address)