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crackle etc.

updated tue 31 dec 96


mel jacobson on sun 8 dec 96

Way back in the fifites when I was just
a cub and was learnin how to make pots
and a guy named WarrenMac was my
teacher...he said one day"hey you cubs
don't you know that when the clay and
glaze don't fit it makes little craze lines in
the pot.. and it's called crackle, and that is
a flaw. " and shivern' and crawlin' is a flaw",
so don't do that.." And alot of us that was
students sort of thought they were flaws too.
And if you made pots like that,other potters would
think you were kinda dorky.
And when I was a cub we went out and ate
hamburgers at "Ray and Arnies", somtimes five
or 6 of them and we never got sick..but now if you
eat a "Jack in the Box" you could die..and chickens
stink real bad in the garbage just hours after you
throw them away...and that is weird.
So tonight when I eat popcorn out of an old Warren
Mac pot that has some crackle...i won't worry too
much, but i'm a little worried about chicken.
And if I want to put my potters wheel in the living room
I think I had better not spill clay all over and be kinda'
tidy ,cuz bein messy is kinda dorky too.