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cover of cm

updated thu 4 jul 02


Claudia O Driscoll on tue 7 oct 97

What beautiful pots Jimmy Clark has created, shown on this month's
cover of CM. Is he on this list by any chance? I want to know more
about how these are made. Is there anyone else out there pinching pots
of this size? And how are they reassembled so nicely after they are


BVCuma on wed 29 may 02

>>As far as being on the cover of CM, I've never had that and I probably =


Why should I transgress=20
and imagine CM as any kind of ideal of success.
You clearly have it ass backward...
move your gaze starward
looking at your feet
will be a defeat.
>>>Would I be thrilled by that? Of course I would, and so would you.<<
..You assume much
and project as such...
to each is own...
this much I have outgrown.
let that be known.

ps this thread..=20
is dead
far more interesting things being said.

pps if you really wanted to be on the
cover of CM me you could.

BVCuma on wed 3 jul 02

>>Yes, I would really like to see my work on the cover on CM, <<

CM is having a cover contest for
their December 2002 issue
No limits on the type of ceramic work.
Delivery deadline Sept 16