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cordierite kiln shelves...again

updated mon 30 sep 96


Jonathan Kaplan on wed 11 sep 96

With all this stuff on corderite kilns shelves vis a vis my earlier
posts, what is important to remember is that yes, as TOm Buck did point
out, there is a generic corderite formula of Al3(Mg,Fe)2Si5O18 (and thanks
for correcting my spelling)

What is important is that there are many formulations based on this
"empirical " formula that have increased its strength, hot load
deformation, etc. etc. eg, a formulation from Acme Marls is called "Remcor"
and this has been designed for specific requirements, while Thorley shelves
are designed for others, etc. etc.

So when you check out suppliers, make sure that you know what you are buying.


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