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copper red and hamer

updated mon 30 sep 96


David Hewitt on thu 5 sep 96

>Let's see if two brief responses can go into one message. For real
>research into copper reds in oxidation using Silicon Carbide, try
>Herbert Sanders' text Glazes for Special Effects, pp 52 - 66. If you
>can't find it, perhaps I can e-mail you some formulas.
>For Steve: Hamer's text should be in every potter's library. It is
>The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques, Watson-Guptil,

There is a new edition of the Hamer's book, 'The Potter's Dictionary of
Materials and Techniques just out. It is the 4th Edition

If it is of interest, a common recipe for the so called Copper Red in
oxidation used over here is as follows. The key RM is Bone Ash. fire to
^8 or ^9

70 China Clay
520 Potash Feldspar
150 Flint or Quartz
25 Whiting
150 Bone Ash
100 Iron Oxide (red)
110 Talc

K20 0.189 Al2O3 0.346 SiO2 2.820
Na2O 0.070 Fe2O3 0.178 P2O5 0.137
CaO 0.494 _____ _____
MgO 0.247 0.524 2.957
David Hewitt
David Hewitt Pottery Caerleon, Newport, Gwent, UK.