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consignment comp.and suggestions

updated sat 31 may 97


Barbara Wright on sat 24 may 97

I have a shop, and as I came to pottery somewhat late, it is unlikely that I
will ever be able to completely stock it. So my first year, I had three
potters who I knew send me their work on consignment. Last year I added a
fourth. It works well for all of us. For the first three, most of their
business is done during the winter; my shop is basically summer, with some
spring and fall business so their sales are evened out. Obviously, I keep good
records and pay them on a monthly basis.

All my shop sells is pottery and I have kept it all in the same family ie
functional high fire reduction. I know some excellent potters whose work I
don't want because I don't think it would blend with the work I do have.

So, if you are thinking of selling other potters work, treat consignment the
same as if you were buying wholesale. Don't take work that you wouldn't buy
wholesale if you had the cash. Give the potters a list of what it is that you
want from them. {With consignment you do have to be more flexible.} But at
least give them something to work toward.~~~~~~~~~~~

Generally this list seems to be anti consignment, but it works for me.

Barbara Wright
Shelter Island Pottery