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updated tue 30 apr 96 on sat 6 apr 96

Thanks. I needed that.

I know that several people have wanted to either: have the juror state in
advance what they are looking for, or at the very least to get a critique
back if they are rejected. Not possible, in my estimation. Unless the show
has a theme, the juror does not know what they are looking for until they
see what gets submitted. Then, if the juror is worth a damn, they look for
the best work submitted, and try to make a decent exhibit. I have never
received a prospectus that stated what was expected unless the show did in
fact have a theme (the figure, or woodfiring, or teapots or whatever). And
I see no way for the juror to do a critique of rejected work. So much time
would be taken that the cost for the juror would double or triple or more.
Further, I can't imagine a juror wanting to spend their time explaining to
those who were rejected the reasons for the rejection.

No one wants to be rejected, but we all are, often, and not just from juried
shows. It hurts, but we get over it. And tomorrow comes anyway.