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confused over "rocky road" slip

updated fri 24 oct 97


Tom Morris on tue 14 oct 97

I have a question about some slip laying around. I had my slurry bucket
full, about 5 gallons, and it was composed of a heavily grogged iron-oxide
rich ^10 stoneware and some of my favorite ^06 white clay... an odd
mixture, about the consistency of buttermilk mixed with sand!! My uncle
does some ^06 poured work, very thin poured... I am wondering, will this
slip be suitable for his thin pours with its grog? the grog, by visual
comparison to sandpaper, is about 60 grit. (Yes, TORTURE on the hands
during throwing!!!!)

Tom Morris
In Miami, where the weather is (I hope I hope!!!) finally cooling down for
the winter...

P.S. While scrubbing out the insides of my house's air conditioner, I
noticed a lot of chalky plaster dust from construction (plaster or drywall
compound). Might this cause problems with clay in firing?? A lot of it
resides in the nooks and crannies of the house....