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updated sun 3 oct 10


Edward Arrowsmith on wed 6 aug 97

The Clay and Glass Association of Western Australia Inc is hosting the
9th National Ceramics Conference in Perth WA in July 1999. We will
inundate you with information between now and then. We want you here,

Ilene Mahler on sun 23 mar 03

I am glad to be hope but I wish I was back in Calif..I will start at the =
beginning.I was meeting Millie Carpenter at the Balto. airport but =
forgot to ask what she like as far as I know there are no cameras' on =
clayart.As I packed Thurs nite and idea So I wore the Cynthia Bringle =
shirt from Charlotte..Guess What..Millie wore the same shirt.That was =
the start of a great 10 days..Malcom was terrific what a lecturer and =
potter, he held everyones' attention for the whole workshop..The =
facilities were perfect...1000 lbs of Coleman porcelain were provided =
for all tho I only used 25 lbs...The kilns wored Jessie, James and Mike =
the staff went out of their way to help..I would recommend anyone if =
feasible to take a workshop at Nottingham...and that was not even the =
conference..Ann Semple from Canada was my roommate there and we got =
along great.I will visit her this summer....Spend the conference doing =
the glaze workshops..Sat next to the tall skinny glaze guys..poor Jon =
Singer had lottsa extra questions to answer...Demos..books =
t-shirts...clayart room back to the pit fire and then Monday home..Sat =
next to Jon Singer and across from Millie Carpenter...Anyone else ill .I =
have been in bed since Tues on antibiotic and codeine cough medicine =
with a bad case of Bronchitis....First day I am able to be out of bed =
..I am hoping by Monday to start to try all the new ideas....Ilene

Ilene Mahler on sat 27 mar 04

The best ever cause of you all ..Thank you for the nice things that you =
said about my work..Its' been and is a very bad year physically and that =
helps..As far as the mentoring goes..I spent most of my time with a =
newby Fara Shimbo.Who had a ball.Tho next year I will try and find a =
group and drive down from Conn not to get s---wed by the weather and get =
in at 10.....The demos were not good I can sit and watch people work for =
hours but not this year I am a faster crocheted with my arthritic hands =
than her..I am doing a small one day show tomorrow and did 60 brown =
stonewear bowls..spent 45 minuets with the big electric grinder doing =
all the bottoms will exchange the last 50 lbs that I have for white the =
grog most of changes..Looking forward to Balt...hoping that Jean =
Silverman from New Hampshire with stop here and drive down with us.I was =
offered so much clay.I went home with a bag of Southern Ice and a new =
clay body a porcelain (5 lbs) from standart developed by my Hero Tom =
Turner and I have to contact him with the results..I am in Heaven..With =
that and getting Gary Holts pot in the exchange and my Clay sister Fara =
the best ever...Ilene in Conn

Ilene Mahler on fri 1 oct 10

I need dates for Tampa...I have signed up fpoer the clay times =3D
cruise,and waiting for 2 people to decide if they want to share a cabin =3D
with me, but I want to use my American air miles and hoping this is =3D
early enough to make it happen..Ilene who will try to see if my knee =3D
surgery was successful enough to use the wheel