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cone 6 reddish-orange glaze

updated fri 31 jan 97


Claire Jones on sun 12 jan 97

I am in desparate need of a cone 6 oxidation reddish orange glaze that would
resemble the same color as the wild tiger lilies that you see so often
growing in the ditches. Coincidently, this is also our province's floral
emblem. I would even appreciate some advice on using a combination of stains
that would be suitable for cone 6 oxidation to achieve this same color.

Thank you in advance.

Marlene Jones owner and operator of Lakeview Pottery in Regina,
Saskatchewan,Canada where yesterday it was -35 degrees Celsius with a
windchill factor of 2450 which made it -60 degrees!!!!! Nice day to cuddle
up to Clayart!

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Craig Martell on tue 14 jan 97

Hi Marlene: I haven't worked at cone 6 for a loooong time and this isn't a
real definite answer, but I might be able to give you a "possible" direction
in case there isn't a better response. Given the high level of expertise on
this list, I think you will get more than I'm giving.

Chrome Oxide can produce oranges in base glazes containing Zinc. I made some
oranges at cone 8 Ox. with a base glaze containing Zinc, and Kona f-4 spar as
the main fluxes. Some Alumina is also helpful, ususally introduced with
kaolin or ball clay. Once you establish a base glaze that produces a chrome
orange, you may be able to "redden" it with other oxide additions such as
iron. I found that in oxidation, black iron oxide was more likely to produce
reds and oranges than red iron ox. Yellow iron will work too but not as well
as black, according to results that I got. I'm not sure where those old
formulas are, or I would give them to you.

Best Regards, Craig Martell-Oregon

LINDA BLOSSOM on wed 15 jan 97

Dear Claire,

If you are interested in using a stain, there is a stain, named orange,
carried by US Pigment. If you want to try it, I have a clear base that it
works in. US Pigment advertises in CM and has an 800 in there.

Linda Blossom
2366 Slaterville Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850