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cone 6 porcelain bisqued tile blanks

updated fri 24 oct 97


Peter Powning on fri 17 oct 97

I'm looking for a source for white cone 6 porcelain tile blanks (unglazed
but bisqued). If anybody has a supplier they'd like to share please
e-mail me at


Peter Powning

Paul Lewing on sat 18 oct 97

For a really complete rundown on using commercially made tile blanks
at cone 6, check out the artricle I wrote for the Tiles on the Web
site at It details all
the trials of various brands I've ever found. The place to start
looking for any brand of unglazed tile is your local dealer of that
brand of tile, glazed. Look for the wholesale distributor, not your
local tile, carpet and linoleum dealer.

Paul Lewing, Seattle
To see one of my cone 5 tile piecesdone on commercial tile blanks, see