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cone 6 pinks (long)

updated tue 28 oct 97


John Post on mon 27 oct 97

A while back I went through the clayart database and tested all of
the cone 6 pinkish glazes I could find. I too tested Kemp 17, the
red pink to purple mauve. It was rather runny on my stoneware body.
Another glaze Kemp 9, strong pink was too matt.

I poured both of the above test batches together and came up with a
new glaze that I dubbed PMSP1 (Purple Mauve - Strong Pink). It is a
wonderful cranberry color with a pleasing gloss surface. It breaks
to white over the edges.

Here are the recipes for each...

Kemp 17 Red pink to Purple Mauve (cone 6 oxidation)
21 gerstley borate
16 nepheline syenite
11 kaolin
20 whiting
32 flint
5 tin oxide
0.15 green chrome oxide

Kemp 9 Strong Pink (cone 6 oxidation)
34 nepheline syenite
41 flint
17 whiting
8 kaolin
10 tin oxide
0.5 green chrome oxide

PMSP1 Cranberry (cone 5-6 oxidation)
made by combining Kemp 9 and Kemp 17
10.5 gerstley borate
25 nepheline syenite
36.5 flint
18.5 whiting
9.5 epk
7.5 tin oxide
0.325 green chrome oxide

Ron Roy said of this type of glaze. "The chrome can vary from under
0.1 to up around 0.5." I have found through experimentation
that under 0.5 the chrome usually turns the glaze pink. Over 0.5 and
the chrome turns the glaze green. I also have made a variety of
different purples and pinks by working with the unity formula for
PMSP1 and loosely filling the oxides using different raw materials.
As an example, the purple listed below is based on the unity formula
of PMSP 1.

PMSP 3 Light Purple (cone 5-6 oxidation)
23.7 frit 3134
7.5 nepheline syenite
15.7 whiting
32.2 flint
21 epk
7.5 tin oxide
0.325 green chrome oxide

Happy testing...

John Post