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cone 6 pink to purple glaze

updated sat 30 nov 96


Joyce Lee, Jim Lee on sat 30 nov 96

Someone asked in today's posts for the above subject glaze. I checked
with Ceramics Web/Clayart Glaze Database and found the following:
Contributor: Brian Kemp 1-26-95 Glaze Name: Kemp 17

Cone 6 - 7 Ox or Red

21.00 Gerstley Borate
16.00 Nepheline Syenite
11.00 Kaolin
20.00 Whiting
32.00 Silica
Totals: 100%

Also add:
5.00 Tin Oxide
0.15 Chrome Oxide

Comments from Brian: excellent red/pink. Purple/mauve where thick.
Tested on white stoneware. Clay Color Type: Buff Stoneware Fired at 100
degrees per hour to 600 degrees, then free for all to cone 6-7.

Once you manage to get in to the database, the information is TERRIFIC!
Thank you to the responsible party/parties.

Cold. windy Mojave desert with dust from Owens Lake obscuring Sierras.