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cone 6 oxidation glaze recipes

updated fri 28 feb 97


Duane Kimball on sun 16 feb 97

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>From among the glazes for cone six that the group recently supplied, I chose
three to test. They were cream breaking red, chappel floating blue, and
brass/gold metallic. I tried them all on miller #75, individually and over
and under one another. Each one was better than the next, although my
favorite is the chappel's over cream breaking red. I have taken the liberty
of sharing these with ceramics majors at the Maine College of Art. Thanks
to you all for these recipes.

Wow! I did not expect so many people to email me requesting these glazes,
as they had been on clayart so recently. I answered the first few queries
directly, but now must beg the indulgence of the group and repeat the
recipes here to avoid the email-itis which threatens me. I am not sure that
I will be correctly formatting the data, but here the recipes are as I
collected them from clayart.

All glazes were sprayed & fired to cone 5 in an electric kiln; v-gum was
substituted for cmc. One of the kind souls who responded to my initial post
of gratitude for the recipes reminded me to mention the barium as not food

By the way, Duane Kimball is my husband, a very tolerant soul who lets me
use his computer and email stuff. If you were at NCECA last year and
remember our breakfast, he was the fellow who took the picture. I, his
aging but blushing bride of lo these many years, am Kathleen Kimball, of New
Hampshire. Forgive my signing most things as KIK in NH.

Cream breaking Red
35 Gersley
15 soda spar
10 whiting
5 barium carb
10 flint
13 tin ox
2 rio

Chappel Floating Blue (overfire and get green)
47.30 neph Sy
27 gerstley
20.30 flint
5.4 epk
..15 cmc
1.0 cobalt ox
2.0 rio
4.0 rutile

Metallic Gold/Brass matt (turns grey if thickly applied)
4.0 ball clay
49.0 redart
4.0 flint
36.5 mang diox
4.0 black copper
2.5 cobalt