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cone 6 matt red & blue

updated sat 30 nov 96 on sat 2 nov 96

Another potter at my co-op asked me to ask the group here if anyone can share
any cone 6 to 9 red or blue dry matt glazes. Oxidation or reduction would be
of interest to him. Thanks in advance

Liz Dodge at the Berkeley Potters studio.

LYN PEELLE on mon 4 nov 96


Here's a cone 6 Oxidation Blue matt glaze I like

Volcanic ash 55
Whiting 25
Baruim carb 10*
Ball clay 10 (I used OM#4)
Cobalt .5%

(I used 7.5 of Stronium carb in place of the Barium and it
woeked OK)


KEMPB on mon 4 nov 96

Hi Liz,
I don't know how "dry" you mean, but here is a dry Cone 6/7,
strong blue.
Barium Carbonate 36, Nepheline Syenite 58, Ball |Clay 4, Titanium Dioxide
3.5, Cobalt Carbonate 2.
Definitely not for domestic ware because of the Barium Carbonate.

Brian Kemp. Singapore