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cone 6 crater glaze

updated sat 30 nov 96 on fri 8 nov 96

First, let me thank everyone who provided information on potential sources of
lepidolite. I have finally given up the search. I know that spodumene can be
substituted for it, so, if someone would tell me in what amount I'd be
delighted to try it. Here's the recipe for a ^6 crater glaze:

Talc 43.5
Lepidolite 54.4
Bentonite 2.0

It came from the Illustrated Dictionary of Practical Pottery by Robert
Fournier. He cites CM 17/3 (Behrens).

As an alternative, I could just start from scratch with a cone 6 crater
glaze. Chappell only provides them up to cone 5. Perhaps someone has one to

Again, many thanks for all the suggestions.

Lynne Berman
(rakuing in my center city backyard until the fire marshall catches up with