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cone 6 clear

updated sat 29 jul 00


Autumn Downey on mon 8 sep 97

Hello Emily,

Am sending a glaze our Guild uses. It came from Barbara Tipton originally
and is good over coloured slips. Overglazes are also ok with it. We seem to
keep all the reds. Sometimes it will craze over porcelain, though it's
usually fine with stonewares (Plainsman). I suspect some adjustments could
be made to avoid crazing - maybe part of the feldspar could be Custer
instead? Some of the glaze gurus may know.

Autumn Downey

BT Clear
KONA F-4 FELDSPAR. 40.00 40.00%
FLINT............. 15.00 15.00%
COLEMANITE........ 15.00 15.00%
EPK KAOLIN........ 15.00 15.00%
WHITING........... 15.00 15.00%
*CaO .78 15.03%
*MgO .00 .03%
*K2O .07 2.25%
*Na2O .15 3.14%
*Fe2O3 .00 .10%
TiO2 .00 .06%
P2O5 .00 .03%
B2O3 .36 8.66%
Al2O3 .44 15.34%
SiO2 2.68 55.36%

COST/KG 1.75
RATIO 6.13
EXPAN 7.38
WEIGHT 290.90
Yellowknife, NWT, Canada

Grace Sheese on fri 28 jul 00


i was hoping those of you who work at cone 5-6 could help me. i teach 3-D
art to 3-5th graders. this year, i decided to teach clay exclusively.
since there are over 500 students attending our school, i decided that i'm
going to mix the glazes myself since i'm equipped to do so from my own
studio. what i'm going to have the students do is paint with colored slips
and then dip their bisqued pots into a bucket of clear glaze. so, what i
need help is in finding a good, strong, hopefully simple since i have to
make it, clear glaze that will allow the slip to shine thru. and since
these are kids, no hazardous or controversial ingredients. since i work at
cone 10 myself, i really do appreciate the help.


ps. i'll fire it in an electric kiln
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