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cone 6 chit chat (even more glaze results)

updated tue 30 apr 96


Cheryl Brown on mon 8 apr 96

Here's some results of my last test firing at ^5 on M-340:

1. Sana's Green
custer feldspar 24
whiting 8
colemanite 9.6
strontium carb 6.4
magnesium carb 2.4
Pioneer Kaolin 4
Silica 25.6
Tin Oxide 2.4

Copper carb 4
rutile 4
bentonite 1.6

Came out light - medium seafoamy type green color - shiny

2. Mexico Point Green

in the ceramic Glazebase - came out a tad lighter than Sana's so even more
sea foamy - shiny

3. Celadon to teal
I added 4 g copper carb and 1 g cobalt oxide

in ceramic Glazebase - came out navy colored, really dark even over white
glaze - shiny

4. Gloss mottled dark blue
I added 4 g cobalt oxide

from the Glazebase - came out very dark navy almost black a bit of light
blue fleck on top - shiny

5. Gloss mottled dark blue - from Glazebase
I added 3 g of mazurine blue stain - came out dark navy with a greenish
tinge - shiny

6. Emily's blue (came out purple for all you purple fans)

custer feldspar 34
gerstley borate 18
om#4 11
talc 14
flint 10
dolomite 6
zircopax 4
cobalt carb 3

Came out semi-gloss opaque purple nice deep color

7. Blueberry

gerstley borate 50
flint 30
kaolin 20
black nickel ox 2.5
cobalt oxide 2.5

came out dark blue semi-opaque with a fleck in it - shiny

8. Greenberry same as above but with 5 copper carb and .5 co ox.

came out dark green with a slight blue fleck - shiny

Both the above two glazes had something lumpy in it that didn't melt - tiny
crystals of something - could be not seived well enough either.

9. Speckled blue

gerstley borate 50
flint 35
EPK 30

Cobalt Ox 2

came out deep shiny blue nice true cobalt blue color

10. speckled green -same as above but 4 g copper carb

came out clearish shiny green a tad runny but not on my shelf

11. dark blue green - JDB84A

from Glazebase - came out matt plain medium blue

Thanks to all who continue to share there glazes and their test results.

Cheryl Brown
Grande Prairie, AB Canada
Where the geese are home and we had our first rain of the season last
night. Here's hoping to seen the lawn this month.