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cone 5-6 glaze needed

updated sun 31 aug 97


Jonathan Kaplan on sun 17 aug 97

I need a cone 5-6, white satin matt glaze for a porcelain project. Crazing
not tolerated. Stain receptive.

Please post me personally so as not to clutter the list.

TIA, will be happy to repirocate.


Jonathan Kaplan, president
Ceramic Design Group Ltd./Production Services
PO Box 775112
Steamboat Springs CO 80477

Plant Location (please use this address for all UPS shipments)
30800 Moffat Ave Unit 13
Steamboat Springs CO 80487

(970) 879-9139*voice and fax

Emily Muench on mon 18 aug 97

Hello Jonathan,
This is a favorite glaze of mine.........

White Satin Matt.......cone 4-7, oxidation

Potash Feldspar 52
Whiting 19
China clay/ EPK 14
Zinc oxide 9
Flint 6

Hope this works for your project..............!!!!!!!