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cone 5 raspberry matt

updated fri 24 oct 97


Dana Henson on mon 20 oct 97

Is this an oxidation or reduction glaze? Sounds like a nice glaze. Dana

Paul Lewing on tue 21 oct 97


I did forget to mention that I fire this in oxidation. It might work
in reduction, but I've never tried that.

Paul Lewing, Seattle

Paul Lewing on wed 22 oct 97

I decided my post yesterday about this glaze was a little incomplete.
I said it was an oxidation glaze. It's true I've only ever fired it
in oxidation, but there's no reason it wouldn't work in reduction at
the same temperature. Cone 5 is cone 5, no matter the atmosphere. So
it would probably work as a base glaze, you would just be able to get
a different set of colors from it. Whether you could actually get the
raspberry color with Deep Crimson Mason stain that I designed it for
is doubtful. But, if you're anything like me, you'll try that at the
very next opportunity.

Paul Lewing, Seattle

nelson bordas on thu 23 oct 97

I am am new clayart subscriber and missed the recipe for the rasberry
glaze. Please resubmit the recipe so I could try it. I am also
interested in any other cone 5 or 6 oxidation glazes that are unique
and not shiny. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks-----Susan Bordas

Paul Lewing on fri 24 oct 97

A lot of people have been mailing me privately to say they missed this
glaze recipe the first time around. So here it is again:

Raspberry Base
Custer spar 27
Whiting 21
Silica 18
Frit 3134 8
Gerstly B. 8

You can make a bunch of different colors out of this, but it's
especially good for pinks from chrome-based stains because it has so
much calcium in it. For a raspberry color, I use 5% to 8% Deep
Crimson Mason stain.

Paul Lewing,Seattle