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cone 4 white

updated mon 30 sep 96


Pat Chesney on tue 3 sep 96

I have a request. Does anyone know of a white semi-gloss or gloss white
that matures at cone 4? The hard part is, we would like to stay away from
frits and from tin oxide if possible (we use a lot of chrome glazes and the
white turns pink in the fire if there are any green pots in the kiln.

I know that this may be impossible. If it is too much to ask, does anyone
know if there is a reason that the white recipies are all for hotter than
cone 4. Is white difficult to reach at this temp.?

Thank you,

Pat Chesney
Waco, Texas

REBECCA MOTT on wed 4 sep 96

For Pat Chesney-
I use a gloss white glaze that it supposed to mature at cone 4 -8.
I fire it to 6-7, so I haven't personally tested it at 4. I got the
recipe from Eastern Ill. Univ. Hope this helps.
Spodumene 12.4
Neph. Syenite 29.5
Whiting 11.2
Flint 27.1
Gerstley Borate 8.8
Dolomite 5.6
Zinc oxide 3.9
Bentonite 1.5 100gms. total
Add. Zircopax 10.0

Kaman Klosowicz on wed 4 sep 96

Dear Pat,

Have you looked in Leach's Potter's Book? I think you'll find what
you're looking for - but I'm afraid you'll need tin oxide in any case
at that low temperature.