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cone 10 purple

updated sat 8 apr 06 on sun 24 mar 96

Hi Folks:
I'm back from an exciting NCECA, ready to make some new pots! Great to meet
so many Clayarters.
Here's a purple that doesn't need reduction. It comes out fine in cone 10
neutral in my gas kiln.
Emily Purple
Potash Spar 41
Gerstley Borate 12
Dolomite 7
Talc 15
Ball CLay 5
Flint 20
2 percent each Bentonite, Black Cobalt Oxide
3 percent Zircopax

Jennifer Back in Vermont
Jennifer Boyer
Thistle Hill Pottery
Montpelier, Vt.

bluefirepottery on fri 7 apr 06

Christina, e-mail me off list and I will send you several cone 10 purple =
glazes that I have used successfully.