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cone 10 ox blood or tomatored or purple

updated mon 30 sep 96


Samantha Tomich on thu 26 sep 96

We are looking for various cone 10 glazes that fire red or purple. We
have a copper red, that's reddish on occasion. We fire reduction but
sort of haphazardly, so we have a strong reduction only on occasion and
our prof isn't going to change the way he fires, so ... are there some
particularly consistant glazes out there in these colors or are we
asking for too much?

Also, where can we find silver nitrate or silver chloride for those raku
silvers in that thread awhile back?

And while I'm at it... I've heard you guys say that copper penny is easy
to get (like blue), but we only get traces of it. I think its our post
firing reduction, not a glaze problem. What are some sure-fire ways to
get that metallic effect?

Any help would be appreciated..
Thanks, Sam in Hawaii