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cone 10 black gloss - oxidation

updated thu 31 oct 96 on mon 7 oct 96

I recently posted a note asking if anyone had glass etched gloss glazes
to give areas of matt surface for contrast. I tried using a the glass
etching cream recommended in my replies (since don't have access to
sandblasting) and it worked well (applied thickly for one hour ... I
masked patterns with 'contact' type paper ... make sure to wear
appropriate safety attire).

Of the glazes I tested, it worked best on a very dark blue, high gloss
glaze (gave best contrast). I am looking for a recipe for a cone 10,
black gloss glaze (oxidation, porcelain) to try this technique on (my
current black glaze is not high gloss).

Thanks for your help,
Nancy Ball in Kansas City
where golf season is quickly turning to pottery season