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updated tue 30 apr 96


Jonathan Kaplan on tue 9 apr 96

I had written a rather longish comment to send in regarding this subject
but deleted it in favor of some short observations. The comments that I
have read are quite valid and show me that there is lotsa room for
improvement and dialog on this subject.

All shows are not for everyone and our work may not applicable for each and
every show. There are enough calls for entry listed in the periodicals that
we do indeed have a choice in shows and it is incumbant upon us to be
highly selective. Once again, do the research if it is an important show
and you wish to submit.

Ask yourself why you need to participate.

We need to be very careful in determining what criteria is important in
designing an exhibition so that we don't succumb to the same dogma we are
trying to rectify.

Yes, submitting to shows, dealing with the acceptance and rejection of our
work is all a necessary part of being artists.

I understand that the system is imperpect. Being selective in your
submissions and doing the research so that you are armed with as much
information as possible is my way of leveling the playing field and making
an imperfect system acceptable to me.


Jonathan Kaplan

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