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competition dates looming

updated tue 31 dec 96


Steven Goldate on tue 10 dec 96

Just a note to remind you that entries for Claynet's on-line ceramics
competition CerCoN are closing at the end of the month (postmark).
Again for those who missed the controversy about the entry fee -the
ridiculously low $US 5 covers postage, photocopying, ads etc. It doesn't
even cover my time,
server space and other work on my behalf (eg answering questions) or
hardware I have purchased for scanning slides. I am organising this
competition because I want to promote ceramics on the Net in general. A
lot of time and work is going into it and I definately am not making
money from it as some people are sadly suspecting. If you have a look at
the Conditions of Entry, you will also notice that I have pledged to
donate excess funds raised to SIDS research.
Competition docs attached, or access URLs below.

Looking forward to your entries,
Steven Goldate

PS If you live in the States and find that the US post will not send
International Money Orders to Australia as requested, a $ 5 note will
have to do.





Steven Goldate on tue 10 dec 96

CerCoN -1st Ceramics Competition on the Net
Entries closing 31st December 1996 (Post mark)

Artsource brought you the world's first Virtual Ceramics Exhibition, now
CLAYNET brings you the world's first Ceramics Competition on the Internet.
Entries are called for from potters and ceramic artists from all over the
world, whether on-line or not. The competition will be judged by submitted
images only, so slides and photos need to be of the best possible quality.

More and more ceramic artists are appearing with sites on the Web, so a
ceramics competition on the Web seems a natural extension of this
development. But not only are we seeing more artists on the Web, the Internet
is becoming more and more an integral part of many people's lives. Tomorrow
the Net will be as natural and accustomed to us as TV is today. We are also
seeing an emerging new class of Virtual Ceramics or CyberCeramics, 3D images
of quasi ceramic objects, which open new worlds for contemplation and
inspiration. While this is still relatively new, other exciting developments
are emerging, such as VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language), which I'm
sure will soon find applications in ceramics as well.

All entries to CerCoN will be displayed on CLAYNET. Selected entries will be
part of the CerCoN Competition Virtual Exhibition, which will run for an
unlimited time. Runners up will also get the opportunity to have their work
displayed for a limited time.

Looking forward to your entries,
Steven Goldate

Conditions of Entry

1. CerCoN is an international ceramics competition on the World Wide Web.
Any style of work is acceptable, providing it is predominantly ceramic
and original in concept and design.
2. The judge Kevin Murray, Writer and Crafts Curator, will select 30 entries
from the scanned image, which will form the basis of the CerCon Ceramics
Competition Virtual Exhibition, which will be on-line in Febuary 1997 and
of unlimited duration.
3. Three winners will receive prizes of computer and Internet related
products (see below).
4. Runners up will be displayed on CLAYNET for a limited time.
5. All entrants will be notified of the judge's selection by the end of
January 1997, either via e-mail or snail mail where necessary. No
correspondence regarding selections will be entered into.
6. Entrants are requested to send 2 -3 best quality slides or paper photos of
o n e recent work not previously exhibited on the Internet, marked with
artist's name, dimensions and title of work.

These should be: front view; rear view; detail (optional).

Slides and photos will be donated to a
local university for inclusion in the ceramics dept. slide library,
unless the artist explicitly wishes them to be returned. Do not send
originals. It is also possible to send the images as JPEG or GIF on disk or
7. Entrants are also requested to send a Curriculum Vitae and statement
about their work.
8. Entry forms, slides/photos etc. are to be postmarked by 31st
December 1996.
9. A small entry fee of $US 5 or $AUS 8 will be necessary to cover costs of
the competition. Any surplus funds will be donated to the Sudden Infant dea
Research Foundation.
10. By entering the competition, the artist agrees to the conditions of
1. Prize: Asymetrix WEB 3D for Windows CD-ROM + 19.2 Internet &
Fax Modem + Internet Homepage

2. Prize: One Year subscription to Ceramic Art & Perception +
$AUS 100 Computer Books of your choice

3. Prize: Assorted CD-ROM titles, including Clip Art & Software
(for Windows)

Slides, photos, CVs & statements & entry fee should be sent to:
CerCon, PO Box 287, Elsternwick 3185, Victoria, Australia
Queries to:, Fax: -61-3-9524 2495


CerCoN Entry Form


First Name_____________________________________

Address ________________________________________



Telephone_______________ Fax:____________________


Title of Work_____________________________________


Technical Details__________________________________

I declare the depicted work to have been made by me. I give the competition orga

I use PC_______ Macintosh________ No computer_________

I enclose________Slides/Photos, Curriculum Vitae & Statement.

I enclose $US 5 (International Money Order) or $AUS 8 (cheque) entry fee

(Payable to Steven Goldate).

By sending this form, I agree with the Conditions of Entry


Print form and send with all other documentation by 31st Dec. 1996 to:
CerCoN, PO Box 287 Elsternwick 3185, Victoria, Australia

Queries to