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commercial tiles at ^5

updated thu 31 jul 97


Paul Lewing on wed 9 jul 97

Hi to all of you out there who sent me advice about using commercial
bisqued tiles at ^5 a few months back. I got many suggestions about
brands and sources, and tested every brand I could lay my hands on,
about 10 in all. Thanks to all who sent sugesions.
I have summarized the results in an article that Tom Colson has been
kind enough to post on his Tiles on the Web site. The address is, and it's under the What's
New section. I hope it will be of interest to some of you. I decided
not to put any information about price on there, because, first, cost
will vary depending on where you are, and, second, I've always
believed you should use what works best for you and not count the
cost. Please don't ask me where to get these tile brands. I was able
to get almost all of them through local dealerships here in Seattle.
Just go to the tile dealer in your area that handles that brand, and
they can order them for you from the factory. And don't expect the
dealers, or even the factories, to be much help in answering your
questions about firing unglazed bisque tiles. They just don't know.
And in the interest of more shameless self-promotion, there is a
picture of one of my tile murals done on commercial bisque tiles as
part of the Insight web site, at
I hope this helps some people out there.
Paul Lewing, Seattle,
where I was supposed to build fence today, but it is, as usual,