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commercial glazes for oxidation?

updated tue 30 apr 96


Lauren Bellero on thu 18 apr 96


I'm a new subscriber and unfortunately cannot access the archives yet to
look for information and I just can't wait!!
So here goes...
I have been taking pottery classes in a studio with a gas kiln
but just got my own electric kiln (skutt 1027km) and a wheel (YES!!).
I'm having a difficult time deciding what to do for glazes. I don't have
ANY yet! It seems that most potters makes their own. However, in supply catalogs
there are a number of companies offering commercial glazes. Since I'm just
starting out, I'd like to use something already made.
Any recommendations for commercial stuff I can use in cone 6 oxidation firings?

Anxious to throw my life away,
Lauren Bellero
Red Bank, NJ