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coloring slip

updated wed 4 oct 06


reg quist on thu 29 may 97

We have been trying to color slip in order to ensure that any chipping of
our finished ware does not show up. We manufacture several different
products that are not glazed, rather the finish is more appropriate with
stains, acrylics and lacquers.

Does anyone have any suggestions that they have seen used successfully? We
have experimented with a few different stains, but still haven't seen the
type of result that we have been looking for.

Thanks for your assistance.

Dave Quist

Fine Art Productions
668 Pine Street
Nanaimo, BC

Ph. 250-716-9394
Fax. 250-716-9395

Marcia Selsor on tue 3 oct 06

f you can get a good company catalog from any supplier selling mason
stains, there is a code by each stain indicating whether it contains
zinc, or should be used with zinc or not to be used, what the max.
temperature is, and if it can be used in a glaze or clay body..slip.
For slips it is recommended to used about 20-25% but it depends on
the intensity you want and the intensity of the stain.

Marcia Selsor