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updated mon 30 jun 97


Dannon Rhudy on sun 1 jun 97


There are a bunch of places that handle ceramics in Breckenridge,
and at least two really good ceramics galleries. Whose names
escape me at the moment...but Breckenridge is very small,
everything commercial is pretty much on two-three streets. Look
in the phone book under "galleries". Of course, there are
dozens and dozens in Boulder and Denver, both. You might, if
time, take a look at Arvada Center for the Arts. Neat ceramics
program, work. Arvada is a suburb of Denver, part of the city

Have a good time.


We will be in Boulder, Denver, and Breckenridge briefly June 7-17.

Suggestions??? Thank you, Thank You!


Jean Lehman, in Lancaster, PA
j_lehman@acad.FandM.EDU (that's an _underscore_ not a hyphen)
Check out the 1997 Strictly Functional Pottery National at: