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college clay funds

updated mon 31 mar 97


Paula Offutt on fri 14 mar 97

While I am not an instructor, I am a student. Here in Western North
Carolina, we are graced by Highwater Clays in Asheville. What they and we
do is they allow us to pool our clay together, reach the ton and therefor
the ton price. Students pick out their own clay, pay for their own, etc.
Gary Clontz has arranged for a school van to get the clay and bring it to
school and those of us with trucks help in the other times.

To be honest, having to think about how much clay to get, seeing how much
I use, being responsible for storing, etc, it really helps to put it into
perspective better. Makes it more my responsibility. And using only 250
lbs per quarter??? Heckaroni, I am up to nearly 700 and I don't think I
am producing near what the other 2nd yr students are doing.

I guess what I am saying is perhaps the supplier you use would be willing
to help out like Highwater does. The students could pay for their own
directly to the supplier. That would put the responsibility more on them
and less on the art dept. And then sit back and see what the college does
when that money from the students for clay purchases stops! Might be some
fun negotiating there!

Paula Offutt (
more rain on the way. Cold weather too. Oh well. At least my "studio" is
no longer my front porch.