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cold ambient air and reaching cone 10

updated fri 31 jan 97


Talbott on thu 23 jan 97

I just did a firing in our gas kiln which is outside under a shed.
(Remember the shed thing). And really had a heck of a time reaching cone
10 in reduction. The ambient air temperature was in the -10 F to +10 F
range throughout the time of the firing. The wind picked up a little
towards the very end, which did not help matters either. To fight these
cold conditions I will:

(a) be doing some "closing in" of the shed and
(b) placing more insulating fiber over the top of the kiln

I have noticed in these very cold conditions that as water vapor
rises from the kiln from the combustion of propane that it condenses and
even freezes in the insulating fiber. Once cone 010 is reached the temp
is sufficent to dry that fiber right out. I would appreciate any
suggestions on how to make my kiln/shed system more efficient for these
severely cold conditions....

Best Wishes... Marshall

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Kenneth D Westfall on wed 29 jan 97

Celia & Marshall
I think closing in the side to cut out the side draft and to prevent
rain and snow from coming in on the kiln will help greatly. My kiln is
in a block room with a corrugated metal roof. I find that when it hasn't
been fired recently that the brick draw a lot of moister and slow the
firing down till it all driven off. Also with a metal roof it condenses
water and leaks rain in on the kiln this also adds to the load and slow
down the firing. Not to mention no one like the blowing wind, snow, and
rain coming in when your out checking the kiln. I add some sheet metal
side to your shed.
Kenneth on fri 31 jan 97


You didn't say what kind of gas you were using. If it's propane, that could
be your problem instead of the temperature of your primary air. If your tank
is cold or low on gas, The temps. you mentioned, can really hinder the
ability of the liquid propane to "boil" and make a vapor. If you are firing
with propane you may need to move to a 1000 gallon tank (You didn't mention
the size of kiln or tank). Give me a call if you need to discuss your
situation in depth.

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